About this site and its author:

Jemal Duran

Exigency \ˈek-sə-jən(t)see\  noun, Definition: A pressing or urgent situation.

Hello, and welcome to the Exigence report, a site dedicated to examining the current state of today’s fast paced television newsroom. An exigency is defined as any problem that needs addressing, and in my 10 years in the TV news trenches, I saw one big exigency that threatens to consume the entire industry;  Ambulance chasing is on the rise, and quality investigative journalism is a dying art.

I come to this blog having served a decade as a producer in the southern Colorado TV market. My goal; to start a conversation about local news coverage. When is it effective? When does it under-serve its audience? Are there ways to improve the quality of news coverage while still paying heed to the restrictions inherent in small-market television? I hope you’ll join in the conversation.


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